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Representing Yourself In Court Representing yourself IN COURT? Are you in a position where you can not afford the cost of hiring a lawyer and are going to be representing yourself in court? To give yourself the best chance of presenting your case:

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Affordable Law Litigant In Person Help is At Hand Need help completing legal forms but don't know where to start?
Can’t afford the hourly, legal rates of a solicitor of about £150-£200.
Is the legal process overwhelming you?
Need a solution to your legal problem you can actually afford?
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Affordable Law UK based professional legal research service Help With Research Find more of what you need to know without missing critical information.
We can assist you by undertaking research and providing you with details of case law and statutes relating to your case.

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Affordable Law Marriages can break down and end in divorce Help With Divorce Legal Aid is no longer available to assist parties to obtain a divorce and many people are left to deal with this on their own.
Managing the legal process can be very stressful.

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Affordable Law Landlord and Tenant Law KNOW YOUR RIGHTS When Landlord's let properties and tenants lease property problems can ensue as a result of either party breaching the letting agreement. To find out how we can help resolve these issues affordably:

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Affordable Law Employment Tribunals Making a claim against an employer If you think your employer, a potential employer or a trade union has treated you unlawfully you may be able to make a claim against them. Call us on 07940 384785 More Info
Affordable Law Affordable Law For You - 07940 384785 Empowering You To Litigate In Person Find Out More

With Legal Aid virtually unavailable and solicitors charging around £200 an hour,more and more people are acting for themselves when they need to bring court proceedings or deal with a legal matter.

How we can help

Welcome to the Affordable Law For You website. Thank you for visiting.

We are a firm of lawyers who work online providing assistance to Litigant in Person in preparing, issuing and serving legal documents in civil litigation matters and providing you with information on how you can recover some of your costs as a Litigant in Person.


    Research service helping you make a considered approach

    Many cases brought by Litigant in Person are lost - and not necessarily because they have bad cases. The English and Welsh legal system can be complex and confusing, and legally trained opponents can take advantage of technical or procedural errors. Not only can we assist you with each step of the Court process but we can also assist you by undertaking research, providing you with details of up to date case law, and reporting to you on the key points of relevant law which will enable you to support your arguments in Court.


    Professional, expert assistance for Litigant in Person

    We aim to make access to the law easy, convenient and affordable to you as a Litigant in Person. We provide legal assistance to people to enable them to deal with progressing their legal issues without the expense, stress and inconvenience associated with instructing a traditional law firm. We are not a firm of solicitors but are independent, experienced lawyers who believe in making law accessible to Litigant.


    Affordable Law for You can take the worry off your shoulders

    Our lawyers can assist you whether you are Claimant or Defendant by preparing documents in the correct format required by the Court in accordance with the Civil Procedure. All work is undertaken by lawyers with many years of experience and is totally confidential. When necessary we can put you in touch with experienced advocates who can represent you at competitive prices.


    Do you need practial and moral support at your court hearings?

    The Courts have agreed that Litigants in Person can have a Mackenzie friend with them at hearings. A Mackenzie friend can:

    1. Provide moral support for personal litigants
    2. Take notes with the permission of the judge
    3. Help with case papers
    4. Quietly give advice on any aspect of the conduct of the case which is being heard

    A Mackenzie friend can not:

    1. Conduct the litigation, acting as the personal litigant's agent in relation to the proceedings
    2. Manage the personal litigant's cases outside court, for example by signing court documents or
    3. Exercise a right of audience by addressing the court, making oral submissions or examining witnesses unless this has, in very exceptional circumstances, been authorised by the court

    If you require us to assist you by attending Court with you we can supply a
    Mackenzie friend to attend Court with you. Click on the link for more details.

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