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The Mission of Affordable Law For You

Deborah Aloba, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and the Director of Affordable Law For You Limited having worked as a Litigator for over 20 years, became concerned about the cuts being made to Legal Aid and the closure of Citizen Advice offices and the Courts. Further she was concerned about the difficulties the ordinary person was facing in accessing justice and in response to those difficulties set up Affordable Law for You Limited, a Legal Advice Service.

During Deborah's career, she worked for 10 years for Eversheds where she eventually became Head of the Agency Department, 16 years for Lucas & Co, 8 years of which were spent as Head of the Litigation Team and 8 years as a Consultant and further she worked as an Executive for Messrs Thompsons.

The mission of Affordable Law For You Ltd is to assist the ordinary person faced with legal issues to be able to liaise with their opponents and their solicitors in a clear and concise manner, complete documentation in a format required by the Court, undertake research to support their claims, be aware of pitfalls they may be facing and to assist them to understand the importance of presenting information in a manner which will support their case at an affordable price. All work is undertaken over the internet or via phone and skype. To contact us please e-mail us at Affordable law For You or call us on 07940 384785.

An example of the procedure that is followed should you wish to instruct Affordable Law For You is as follows:

  • You require assistance due to non-payment of your wages.
  • You gather together all documentation relating to your contract of employment, any correspondence to include all e-mails, texts, letters, etc between yourself and your employer.
  • Any statements or information you may have been able to gather from another employee who may have had a similar experience.
  • You e-mail all documentation to Affordable Law for You Limited.
  • We will then provide you with confirmation of how much time will be required to review the documents, undertake any research necessary, provide you with a report on what actions you can take or, if necessary, prepare documentation on your behalf to be submitted either initially to ACAS and your employer or the Court. When we provide you with the amount of time that will be involved in reviewing your documentation etc we will also confirm the cost that will be involved.
  • If you wish to instruct us it will be necessary for us to receive payment from you in advance of any work being undertaken by ourselves.
  • In the event that you cancel your instructions and we have undertaken part of the work, we will forward that work to you with the balance of any outstanding fees refundable to you.
  • A receipt will be forwarded to you when we return the completed work to you.

Affordable Legal Forms

We provide a number of legal letters, statements, documents, questionnaires and forms that are essential for taking legal action. We only charge a nominal fee for them as part of our committment to providing the most affordable service possible. If you need a form that is not listed, please contact us or call us on 07940 384785 and we will help you find what you need.

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