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Holiday Accident Claims

If you have been injured whilst on holiday Affordable Law for You can assist you to make a claim for personal injuries, loss or damage.

Experiencing an accident can be frightening enough, but when this occurs whilst visiting a foreign country it can become even more traumatic as in many instances you are without the comfort and security of being at home and other issues such as language barriers can cause even more stress. Holiday claims can be a difficult process as they will often be subject to the law of the country where the injury occurred. However, various regulations and bodies are now in place to make it easier to claim compensation for an accident that occurs when you are abroad. Those who have an accident whilst on a package holiday can now claim in the UK using a body such as 1992 Package Travel, Package Holiday or Package Tour Regulation.

Types of Claims that can Occur Abroad

There are a number of incidents that could happen when abroad that you may be entitled to claim for, including:

We provide a number of legal letters, statements, documents, questionnaires and forms that are essential for taking action as a litigant in person. We only charge a nominal fee for them as part of our committment to providing the most affordable service possible. If you need a document that is not listed, please contact us or give as a call on 07940 384785 and we will help you find what you need.

What should you do if you do have an accident whilst on holiday?

To make a successful claim for being injured whilst on holiday, you have to report the occurrence of the incident to the staff of the travel agency (your holiday representative) and the travel agent. Then, you have to be careful and vigilant enough to note down the details of the accident namely, when and how it occurred and what you were doing. It maybe that you are too badily injured to deal with this yourself, if you have a family member or friend with you try to ensure that they make a note of these detail. If possible, try to take some photographs of the place where the accident occurred instantly (don't forget you can use your mobile phone camera). These photos can then be used as evidence if this matter proeeds to trial. As far as you retain receipts then all the expenses that you have to expend if you are involved in an accident on holiday can be recovered if your claim is successful.

Car Accidents Abroad

Another injury that can occur when people visit a foreign country is one sustained during a road traffic accident. This may be as a driver or passenger of a rental car, motorbike, scooter, minibus or even as a pedestrian. If you wish to make a road traffic accident claim for an incident that happened outside of the UK, it is made simpler by the 4th EU Motor Directive 2003. This orders that all European cars are listed on a single database, making it easier to identify a foreign car that was involved in an accident. The Motor Insurers' Bureau handle claims in which a foreign insurance company are unable to be identified. It is essential that if you are involved in an accident that you report it to the local police and retain a copy of the Police reference number and if possible details of the police officer/station that dealt with the matter.

Time Limits when bringing an Aeroplane Accident Claim

In the UK the legal time limit for making a personal injury claim is normally 3 years from the date of the accident (with a few exceptions). Accidents on aeroplanes; however, are covered by separate regulations and you must make a claim for compensation within 2 years of the accident date in the majority of cases.

Time Limits when bringing a Boat or Ship Accident Claim

The normal time periods of three years also does not always apply to accidents on boats, ships, yachts and cruise liners and accidents in these cirumstances can be covered by separate regulations and in some circumstances you must make a claim for compensation within 2 years of the accident date.

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