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Why might it be necessary to check a document?

  • Have you drafted a Will, Living Power of Attorney, Statement of Claim, Defence, etc?

Simply speaking, if a document is not prepared incorporating all the required information then the document could be invalid or may not present your case in the best way.

If you sign a document and you don't totally understand the duties and obligations that you are agreeing to you, your lack of understanding will not necessarily invalidate the Agreement but you may find that you have entered into an Agreement with negative consequences to yourself.

  • Are you about to sign a Contract but are not totally sure that you fully understand its contents?

To avoid these situations just send us the document that is causing you concern. We provides a document checking service.

For a reasonable fee we will check the document for you and return it with our observations as to whether the document is drafted in the correct format or whether any written agreement you may be thinking of entering may have any clauses within it which would have a negative impact upon you.

You can then make a considered opinion in respect of the information provided and decide whether you want to amend the document.

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