Occupiers LiabilityThe 1957 Act deals with lawful visitors and the 1984 Act deals with trespassers

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If you have been injured whilst on private property Affordable Law for You can assist you to make a claim for personal injuries, loss or damage.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 an occupier has a duty to take reasonable care that visitors to their property will be reasonable safe when they use the premises.

An Occupier is someone who has direct or sufficient control of the premises.

A property can be a building, land, a vehicle or a vessel, they can also include structures on land such as wells, scaffolding paths and walls etc.

What is considered reasonable depends upon the circumstances of the case.

(1) If you attend someone's home and there is a hole in the floor of the hallway and you are not warned of its existence and you fall down the hole and injure yourself, the occupier of the property would be considered to not only have been negligent in not informing you of the existence of the whole but in breach of their statutory obligations under the Occupier's Liability Act 1957.

(2) If you walk into a supermarket and slip as a result of spilt milk on the floor you may have a claim against the supermarket if you can prove that they were negligent in ensuring that the spill was not promptly dealt with.

Affordable Law for You can assist you by:

researching details of the correct occupier if this is not clear

by preparing a letter before action for you

by preparing and issuing proceedings for you and assisting you to complete documentation required throughout the Court Process

we have precedents of various Occupier's Liability Statement of Claims

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