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Analysing the facts of your claim and concluding accordingly

  • Are you aware of the up to date case law in respect of your claim?
  • Do you know which statutes the Defendant or Claimant in your action have breached?

We can assist you by undertaking research and providing you with details of case law and statutes relating to your case.

This information will assist you to take a considered approach when deciding whether to take the risk of proceeding with your claim and being responsible for the Defendant's or Claimant's costs in the event that your claim is unsuccessful.

For example if you were in a road traffic accident you might wish to find similar cases to prove the value of your claim.

Below are some examples of Road Traffic Accident cases which provide an indication of the nature of the injury, the length of time the claimant suffered and the financial amount that the claim settled for.

Ann-Louise Wilson v SGS Holdings Ltd (2010)

A 30 year old woman received damages in the sum of £2,915 including PSLA (pain and suffering and loss of amenity) of £2,100 following a road traffic accident.

The claimant was reversing into a car parking space when the defendant drove across the front of her vehicle and reversed his vehicle at speed into the front nearside of the claimant's vehicle. Liability for the accident was disputed, and the judge found in favour of the claimant.

The claimant sustained soft tissue injuries to her neck, back, shoulders and legs, shock and travel anxiety, had a restricted ability to perform household chores and was restricted from attending her gym for over four months. She also suffered from sleep disturbance for one week. The claimant made a full recovery by ten months after the accident.

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Suzanne Fuller v Kelly Willis (2010)

The 43-year-old claimant was awarded damages in the sum of £2,932 including PSLA (pain and suffering and loss of amenity) of £2,900 following a road traffic accident.

The symptoms had largely resolved by six months after the accident and a full recovery was anticipated from residual symptoms within 14 months of the accident.

The claimant required more help with household chores for the first few months following the accident. She was absent from work as a community support worker for one week and upon returning had to avoid lifting objects, which caused difficulties when putting people in wheelchairs and assisting people to stand up, for around four to six months.

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Nuttall v Wilkes (2010)

The claimant, a 58-year-old, sustained injuries to her neck, shoulder, back, groin, hip, knee and developed headaches following a road traffic accident.

The claimant had a history of lower back pain. She experienced difficulty and discomfort with domestic chores. The claimant's expert attributed all of her symptoms to the accident with a prognosis for a full recovery within eight to ten months with a small risk of symptoms thereafter.

The claimant was involved in another accident one year and three months after the index accident and the expert attributed her symptoms until that date to the index accident. Any symptoms thereafter were as a result of the second accident.

Damages were assessed on the basis that the claimant had residual symptoms for 15 months post-accident. The claimant was awarded general damages of £3,500.

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If you require our assistance in researching any aspect of law so as to either support your case or consider whether it is prudent for you to continue to pursue your claim then we are here to assist you. Please refer to our standard costs sections for details of our charges for this service.

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