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Are you having to represent yourself in Court?

Employment, Employment Tribunals, Making a Claim Against Employer

This can be a daunting experience and Instructing a firm of solicitors to act for you will rarely be economical for cases involving less than £10,000.

Are you in a position where you can not afford the cost of hiring a lawyer and are going to be representing yourself?

If you want to give yourself the best chance of presenting your case as concisely and professionally as possible, why not forward copies of the documentation you have submitted in respect of your forthcoming trial to us and we can review them and then assist you via our face to face Skype/Whats App service by talking you through step by step:

  • What sort of room your case will be conducted in and where you should stand
  • What the Judge will expect of you
  • How to address the Judge
  • How to address your opponent (if he is a solicitor the manner in which you address him will be different to the manner in which you address another litigant in person)
  • How to present your case verbally and refer the Judge to relevant documents throughout your presentation
  • How to cross examine witnesses
  • Present case law
  • Point out statutes to the Judge and your opponent
  • How to seek an order for costs in the event that you are successful at trial (should you be entitled to costs)

Our charges for reviewing your documentation and talking you through the trial process as referred to above via Skype/WhatsApp are £50.00 per hour.

Let us help you present your case in court

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